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Specific Chiropractic Adjustments to the pelvis, sacral and/or lumbar regions realign the spinal column and joints, and allow your normal spinal mechanics to be restored. 

A few conditions that can contribute or cause low back pain conditions are as follows:

Sciatica-a type of radiculopathy
Facet Syndrome
Lumbar and Pelvis Sprains and Strains
Disc Injuries or Herniations
Degenerative Joint Disease

Treatment and Self Care:

At Aligned Chiropractic, Dr. Teresa Green strives to teach you how to care for your low back pain. She provides specific chiropractic adjustments to restore normal joint function and motivates you to do your part to expedite your healing process. 

Cox Flexion Distraction-This is a specific chiropractic technique that is very helpful for treating low back pain related to disc or ligament injuries.  Low back pain with radiculopathy is also often successfully treated with Cox Flexion Distraction.

Click to learn more about Cox Flexion Distraction technique.

Wobble Chair –The exercises performed while using this device help to pump synovial fluid in and out of the spinal discs and joints. Additionally the movements performed will decrease the tension in your spinal stabilizing muscles. 

When performed prior the chiropractic adjustment, these exercises can decrease the mechanical resistance in the muscles and joints, thus allowing your chiropractor to align your joints with less force. When your muscles are relaxed and not resisting change, your body can absorb more change in a shorter period of time (SO YOU HEAL AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN).

For more information: Wobble Chair OR Click to watch a brief video explaining the Wobble Chair

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